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CIECH Resins offers a range of EPIDIAN® epoxy flooring solutions, recommended among others for various agricultural facilities. These two-component pigmented compositions are perfect to protect concrete surface from damage with a neat, aesthetic finish. EPIDIAN® FLOOR C1 is designed for thin, smooth coatings, while EPIDIAN® FLOOR C1 PLUS provides a rougher, anti-slippery finish with addition of quartz sand. Used in agriculture, these flooring solutions protect the surface while meeting the highest hygiene requirements. Perfect for breeding facilities, food processing plants, technical rooms, stern tables etc.

FENUXAR® 69 EW, a novelty in the offer of CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish producer of plant protection products, very effectively fights troublesome monocotyledonous weeds in cereal cultivation. It can be used together with product of the CHWASTOX family®, the most popular herbicides used in the cultivation of cereals in Poland, to effectively control both dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous weeds in one treatment. FENUXAR® 69 EW also features a wide application window in winter and spring cereals.

The use of products of the CHWASTOX family® has been significantly extended - in terms of the spectrum of both the controlled weeds and the crops covered. This is important information for many Polish farmers - Sarzyna CHWASTOX® produced by CIECH is the most popular herbicide used in cereal cultivation in Poland.

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