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This year's lottery, organised by Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, lasted from March until August. The competition was aimed at all farmers who during this time bought the products CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW or AGROSAR 360 SL.

Starting on August 24th, the first episode of AGROREVOLUTIONS can be viewed – a show, during which experts from Poland's leading agricultural technology suppliers will improve productivity and revenue of three selected farms. The hosts of AGROREVOLUTIONS are Anna and Grzegorz Bardowski, known from the Polish edition of 'Farmer wants a wife'.

The company CIECH S. A. had taken over 100% of the shares of Proplan – a Spanish supplier of plant protection resources active on three continents. Thanks to this, CIECH gains access to sales markets in southern Europe, northern Africa, South America and Australia, and takes over a portfolio of active ingredients ingredients and 120 product registrations.

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Chwastox Turbo® 340 SL

The herbicide used in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of an aqueous solution, intended for the post-emergence control of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds in spring and winter cereals

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Agrosar® 360 SL

Agrosar® 360 SL is highly effective in the control of monocots and dicots.

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