Expert advice

Desiccation of rape

The time of the harvest is coming quickly, and in case of rape one could say that this is the 'home stretch' ahead of a high crop yield of an appropriate quality. Only one or two treatments left on winter rape plantations.

One of these on many fields will definitely be desiccation of the field. The execution of such a treatment is frequently substantiated, because only in very infrequent cases does tht entire field mature at the same time. The maturing of winter rape is usually very uneven and differentiated. This is influenced among others by fields of varying soil properties – the 'worse areas' see rape maturing and drying faster, whereby in the 'better areas' it maintains its green colour longer.
A similar shift of maturation can be noticed between the pods on the main stalk and on side stalks located deeper within the field body. The speed of maturation is also influenced by an uneven terrain.
In order to quicken and equalise the speed of maturation, and at the same time, the humidity of seeds, we recommend using AGROSAR 360 SL at 3.0 l/ha.

Spraying of Agrosar 360 SL to additionally dry the plantation, to facilitate the harvest, should be performed at a very precise period of maturity of winter rape. First, it is necessary to evaluate the maturity of pods on the main stalk – in 2/3 they should be yellow-green, and the seeds should mostly be red-brown.

A machine harvest should be performed, weather permitting, approx. 14-21 days after the application of Agrosar 360 SL.
A further argument in favour of the treatment is the facilitation of maturing irrespective of the weather conditions, and in the present growing season the weather was particularly detrimental to crops. In order to limit the negative influence of the weather on the crop, and shattering of pods, we recommend joint application of AGROSAR 360 SL with SARPLON.

Desiccation of th field is not the sole advantage of spraying with Agrosar 360 SL. Across most plantations, the distribution of plants in the field is uneven. A reduction of coverage and local empty spaces were caused by difficult emergence or deficiencies emerging in the winter. Spots without winter rape were quickly taken over by numerous types of weed. In such a case, Agrosar 360 SL at 3.0 l/ha will control them perfectly and reduce the risk of them producing seeds that could sprout in further crops.

The product Agrosar 360 SL may also be used for winter wheat. The treatment on the one hand desiccates the plants and equalises maturation, on the other hand it controls all unwanted plants. The field desiccates faster following the treatment, thanks to which an automated harvest will be more efficient and timely, especially if we require the crop to be harvested quickly. The maximum dose of Agrosar 360 SL for use for winter wheat is 4.0 l/ha, however, the volume should be determined based on the current weed infestation level. The treatment is best performed in the wax maturity phase of grain – usually 10-14 days before the planned harvest.