Expert advice

Have you already completed your herbicidal treatments?

Most probably, nobody needs to be reminded of the necessity of execution of herbicidal treatments. Weeds are one of the main agriphages that greatly limit the crop and the 'visual effect' of one's plantation.

One should start controlling weed already in the autumn. This is the best moment to control monocots, e. g. the common windgrass. Opal 500 SC is perfect for application in autumn.

Autumn prevention of weed growth limits the presence of monocots and dicots already from the beginning of the plantation. However, due to the delayed sowing period and unfavourable weather conditions, one may not always perform the herbicidal treatment at this time. In such a case, all weed must be combatted during the spring treatment.

Our field may become home to weed in the spring – in such a case we recommend a field inspection and the execution of a treatment using a product from the Chwastox series.

In case of strong pressure from dicots, we recommend treatment by Chwastox Trio 540 SL. It controls a wide range of weed, including those most burdensome – cleavers and the common poppy. The control of weed overgrowing the field will also ensure a good 'visual effect' of the field, and the control of lower weed will facilitate its drying and ventilation.  Chwastox Trio 540 SL is not only characterised by a broad weed control spectrum, but also by the speed of action. Under favourable weather conditions, the withering effect of weed is visible already a few days post treatment.