Expert advice

Herbicidal protection of winter wheat

The current weather situation definitely hinders all kinds of treatments using plant protection products. During the day, temperatures reach several degrees Celsius, dropping slightly below zero in the night; in addition, strong winds increase the feeling of coldness. Temperature drops have hindered the development of crops and weeds.

In such a situation, it is appropriate to wait out the unfavourable weather conditions and perform treatments at a later time, when the temperature is sustainably higher.

The product for the treatment may be selected without trouble based on the current weed situation on the field. Depending on the mix of the weed types, one can decide on a single product or a selection of products to provide a comprehensive solution to the weed problem. One of the suggested herbicides is the Ambasador 75 WG, which may be used in the production of winter wheat until the phase of node two. Due to the unfavourable weather conditions, the treatment will be carried out late, at high development phases of the weed, due to which we recommend to use the highest registered dose – 40 g/ ha of Ambasador 75 WG for individual application. The product will control a broad range of burdensome weeds in the production of winter wheat, primarily cleavers and the common poppy.

Ambasador 75 WG may also be used as an ingredient of tank mixes – we recommend reducing the dose of the product Ambasador 75 WG to 10-20 g/ ha and using it together with Chwastox Turbo 340 SL at 2.5 l/ ha. This solution will prove itself in the control of a broad range of weeds based on complementary action of the active ingredients, which have different modes of action.