Expert advice

Rape pod adhesion

Both winter as well as summer rape are very sensitive to shattering of the pods. This stems primarily from their morphological properties – the pods are genetically programmed to shatter towards the end of their maturing period. The losses in rape seeds related directly to the shattering of the pods are estimated to usually be 5-10%, but in case of a prolonged harvest this volume may increase.

Alternating rainy and dry periods physiologically hasten the shattering of rape seed pods – during rain, the pods take up water (swell), and as temperature rises, they release the water and shrink. This phenomenon causes increased shattering of pods and release of the rape seeds, whereby in such a situation one may expect increased crop losses, which in extremely unfavourable weather conditions may exceed 30%.

In order to minimise the negative influence of the weather conditions on the crop of rape seeds, we recommend treatment using the product Sarplon at 1.0 l/ hectare. This product will form on the surface of the pod a transparent, semi-permeable layer that will maintain the pod closed irrespective of the weather conditions. At the same time, it will ensure easy evaporation of water from the pod and the seeds, and will limit water uptake from the air, thanks to which maturing will not be hampered.

Plants protected in this way will not fall pray to weather fluctuations, and the rape crop will be saved at the end. Sarplon may be used together with Agrosar 360 SL in a spray mix – a significant simplification and does not require additional entries to the rape field. The treatment is recommended approx. 2-3 weeks before the planned harvest, when the pods begin to yellow but are still flexible.

The usage of Sarplon is not limited exclusively to winter and summer rape. The product may effectively be used to protect legumes against uncontrolled shattering of pods under the influence of varying weather conditions. Treatment using Sarplon at 1.0 l/ hectare may be performed individually or in a spray mix with any desiccant. The treatment is recommended when the pods lose their green colour – in practice ca. 14-21 days before the harvest.

Sarplon at 1.0 l/ hectare protects also cereals against overgrowth under conditions of prolonged high air humidity, which would hinder a timely harvest. The procedure should be carried out when unfavourable harvest conditions emerge in the phase of full seed maturity.