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Registration of plant protection treatments

As of January 1st, 2014., the rules of integrated plant protection come into effect in Poland, assuming rational fusion of chemical and non-chemical methods of protection in the control of agriphages. One of the more important changes is the introduction of the duty to conduct a register of plant protection products used at plantations.

The decision to execute a specific treatment should be preceded by a field visit and inspection, on the basis of which, would one notice that the threshold of economic harm has been crossed, the execution of treatment with plant protection products becomes substantiated. the threshold of economic harm is determined by the intensity of the agriphage emergence (volume of the vermin, weed or the area covered by the illness), for which the expected reduction of the crop exceeds the costs of execution of a treatment. While in case of vermin it is frequently possible to determine the infestation by a specific species, and it is possible to execute the treatment when the threshold of economic harm has been passed, in cases of weed or illnesses this is very difficult. The difficulty stems from the fact that weed and illnesses rarely occur separately, and available literature does not describe e. g. the threshold of economic harm for several types of weed occurring at the same time.

The register of treatments using plant protection products should on the one hand provide the ability of control of their use by the respective state administration body, and on the other hand it may be the perfect source of information about the course of the growing season, the condition of the plantation, infestations, for a person running the plantation or for an advisor.

The information that must necessarily be contained in such a register is included in the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) no. 1107/ 2009, and includes: name of the product, date of the treatment and the dose, the area and the crops to which the plant protection resource was applied.

Some of the offered templates for the registration documentation expands the legally binding minimum, providing the ability of inclusion of a higher volume of information – important for the user themselves.

From the practical point of view, the column describing 'remarks' will also be usable – as it may include information concerning effectiveness of the treatment, the course of weather conditions or other observations useful during farming.

The plant protection treatment documentation should be kept by a professional user over three years from the execution of the last, registered treatment.

Annex to the plant protection treatment registration documentation