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The perfect solution for the spring fight with weeds – JEDNAK CHWASTOX

An herbicide procedure performed in the fall, due to the long and warm season, may turnout in many plantations to be insufficient to provide very good protection of the crops against negative pressure of weeds. Consequently, the procedure must be repeated in the spring. A separate group are plantations where no herbicide procedure was performed in the fall for various reasons, such as preference to spring procedures, delayed sowing of winter cereals, or bad weather conditions.

Before the herbicide is selected for the spring application, a field inspection must be conducted to determine what weeds constitute a problem at the plantation. If the procedure is repeated, it is also important to rotate the action mechanisms. If a product from the sulfonylurea group is used in the fall to fight a specific group of weeds, the active substance used in the spring should have a different action mechanism, e.g. the so-called growth regulators. Rotation of products with different action mechanisms is an important element of a strategy of fight against weed resistance.


Quick effect

In the spring, after nitrogen fertilization is performed, it is very important to quickly reduce the competition of weeds because, like the crop, their growth is stimulated. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the herbicides from the CHWASTOX® family is their quick weed-killing effect, which is visible after 2-3 days. In the case of other products intended to be used in the spring, their first effects are visible much later.

Broad spectrum of suppressed weeds

Herbicides from the CHWASTOX® family suppress a broad range of dicotyledon weeds, which makes them a complete solution. However, a proper selection of the product is important. CHWASTOX® works well on a wide spectrum of onerous weeds, which include catchweed, red poppy, cornflower, Chenopodium album, and self-seeding rape.

Countering the problem of weed resistance

Herbicides from the CHWASTOX® family (so-called growth regulator) are applied in the spring and, therefore, it is not possible to use the same action mechanism twice to suppress a specific weed or group of weeds.

The CHWASTOX family has several use forms

In the group of cereal herbicides that contain one active substance (MCPA), the user, according to his preference, can choose a liquid form of the product - SL (CHWASTOX EXTRA 300 SL and CHWASTOX 750 SL) or a solid form of the product - SG (CHWASTOX Uniwersalny 60 SG). So far, the solid use form of herbicides containing an active substance from the growth regulators group has not been available in the market. Another important product is CHWASTOX Complex 260 EW, which has a very well-developed formula, which has a positive impact on the quality of the crop-dusting mixture and a very good weed-killing effect.

A wide range of products

The CHWASTOX® family comprises several different products that address different needs of farmers and different specifications of plantations.

  • CHWASTOX® EXTRA 300 SL and CHWASTOX® 750 SL, which contain one active substance, suppress basic weeds in cereal plantations. Their high miscibility with other products in different use forms make them an ideal component of crop-dusting mixtures that broadens the spectrum of suppressed weeds and speeds up the weed-killing effects.
  • A comprehensive solution for the weed problem: CHWASTOX® TURBO 340 SL and CHWASTOX® NOWY TRIO 390 SL are excellent products for those who look for a proven and effective solution for a wide spectrum of weeds. The combination of several active substances in perfectly arranged and tested formulas ensures quick and effective action of the products. CHWASTOX® NOWY TRIO 390 SL is an improved successor of the well-known CHWASTOX TRIO 540 SL. The new registration of the herbicide results in a broader range of its application, also for spring wheat, and a broader spectrum of sensitive weeds (in winter and spring cereals).
  • Specialized in weed suppression: CHWASTOX® COMPELX 260 EW – demonstrated high effectiveness in relation to a very broad spectrum of weeds, including onerous ones, such as catchweed, cornflower, and red poppy. This herbicide contains a combination of 3 active substance that has not been offered so far on the cereal herbicide market in a very well prepared and developed EW use form, which results in desirable effectiveness. CHWASTOX® COMPELX 260 EW can be used until the 2nd node phase, which sets it apart from other herbicides in the CHWASTOX® family.