Expert advice

Treating grains before sowing

The achievement of high winter crop yields is an interplay of many factors, one of which being seed treatment. A correctly selected treatment product protects the sprouting and developing plant against many diseases, even those carried along with the sowing material.

Some fungi may be found on the outer surface of the caryopsis, in the aleurone layer or the embryo part; the soil is a source for others. The treatment of cereal caryopses is a basic and necessary component of correct fungicidal protection of winter cereals.
Sarox T 500 FS protects sprouting caryopses of all winter cereals – of wheat, barley, triticale and rye. The Sarox T 500 FS seed treatment product is composed of two active substances of different modes of action: contact action (thiuram) and systemic action (carboxin), ensuring full protection of the plant from the very beginning of its development. Particularly hazardous diseases such as snow mould and damping off attack plants at key stages of their development.

Damping off attacks emerging cereals. As a result of this disease, the roots begin to die, and the intensity of growth is significantly reduced. Heavy plant infection by damping off may lead to the plants not emerging at all. In case of infection of older seedlings of cereals, one can notice the roots and leaf sheaths becoming more brown, and spots on the leaves. The plants, the health of which was weakened, are particularly susceptible to other diseases, e. g. snow mould. In conditions particularly favourable for the development of snow mould, when a thick layer of snow covers the plants and the soil temperature is close to 0 ᵒC, this disease may lead to the plantation failing entirely. Plants to survive snow mould are weakened, their growth is hindered, as a consequence leading to a marked drop in the seed crop yield.

Additionally, Sarox T 500 FS protects winter wheat against stinking smut and wheat blight. Symptoms of infestation are, until heading, practically invisible. In certain cases, the growth of the plants may be hindered slightly. The infected plants do not develop correct caryopses – they are filled with mycelium and spores.

Sarox T 500 FS provides comprehensive protection of rye against stalk smut of rye. The first symptoms of the disease emerge in the first phase of stem elongation – with grey-brown streaks visible on the sheaths and leaves. As the disease progresses, the stalks and the chaff also becomes infected. the growth of the infecte plants is hindered, and in certain cases the plants may die out prematurely.

To control certain cereal diseases that stem from seeds and the soil, we recommend treatment of the material used for sowing with Sarox T 500 FS at 0.3 l/100 kg of grain, recommended addition of water of 0.7 l per 100 kg of grain. Adding such an amount of water will guarantee excellent coverage of the grain with Sarox T 500 FS.