Expert advice

Treating the sowing material with the Sarox T 500 FS treatment product

The material used for the sowing on a farm should be characterised by high quality – good purity and good sprouting ability according to standards for the individual species and varieties. One needs to remember, however, that even the best sowing material must be treated before sowing so that the sprouting and growth potential would not be reduced by pathogens.

The treatment of seeds/ grains should be an indispensable part of agricultural technology for all types of cops. The sprouting seed/ caryopsis is under threat by many unfavourable factors the moment it is placed in the soil – beside pathogens, they also include weather conditions hindering growth and development, or soil that is not managed properly. Even if one cannot influence the weather, we can influence the field to prepare it appropriately and reduce the risk of disease by pathogens.

In order to protect the sprouting caryopsis against infection agents, we recommend the execution of seed/ grain treatment using the product Sarox T 500 FS, using a dose selected appropriately for the type of crop. When performing the treatment, one must keep in mind that the grain/ seed must be covered by the product evenly, and it should adhere to it closely and permanently.

The dust treatment Sarox T 500 FS, thanks to the use of low dust technology, adheres to seeds/ grains finely thanks to which it is possible for the active ingredient to penetrate it evenly. Low dust technology guarantees that the treatment product will remain on the surface of the grain/ seed even during transfer of the material or it rubbing against the structural components of the sowing unit. The conducted Heubach test confirms very good and permanent adhesion.


Comparable product

Sarox T 500 FS includes two active substances – thiuram and carboxin, they protect the sprouting grains/ seeds against disease causing losses both among winter as well as summer plants. The product protects crops such as summer barley, maize or peas against damping off, and protects summer wheat against damping off and stinking smut. Treatment using Sarox T 500 FS significantly reduces the negative effect of pathogens on the growth and development of plants, and at the same time, this is the first effect to achieving a good crop yield.