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Weed control spraying for winter rape

Sowing of winter rape is under way in many regions of the country, even in those, where the optimum agricultural period has not yet been reached. The hastened sowing is aimed at making use of the water reserves following the recent rainfalls. Availability of water in the soil will not only be advantageous to the winter rape and hasten its emergence, but it will also stimulate the sprouting of weed seeds.

This is the perfect time to reach a decision on the appropriate herbicidal protection technology. One may choose between two basic options: before emergence and after emergence, and a third, being a fusion of the former two. In Poland, controlling weeds before plant emergence decisively dominates – it is executed up to three days after sowing; it is sometimes supplemented by a leaf treatment.

Deciding on such a course of action, one needs to remember that the field should be evened out after sowing of winter rape and free of surface clumps that may limit the effectiveness of the sprayed treatment. One of the basic substances used for the control of weed for winter rape before emergence is chlomazon, found in the product Szabla 480 EC. In order to limit pressure from weed in case of individual application we recommend 0.25 l/ha at the latest up to three days after sowing. The use of the Szabla 480 EC herbicide guarantees effective control of such weed as: the common chickweed, the purple dead-nettle, the common henbit, the birdeye speedwell, cleavers and the shepherd's purse.

In order to expand the range of weed types covered by the treatment, the active ingredient chlomazon may effectively be used in conjunction with products containing metazachlor; napropamide; metazachlor and dimetenamid-p; metazachlor, dimetenamid-p and quinmerac. Chlomazon may also be an important component in a two-treatment variant – used on its own up to three days after sowing, to be followed by a leaf treatment using products containing aminopyralid, picloram and clopyralid.

More information on the product Szabla 480 EC can be found here.