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What products to use against dicots for summer cereals?

In many regions of Poland, the thermal and humidity conditions are suitable for the raising and development of summer cereal plantations. Depending on the time of sowing and the availability of water in the soil right afterwards, they are in the phase of one to three leaves. Frequently in literature one may stumble upon the information that following the third leaf, the phase of tillering of summer cereals begins already.

Comparably warm weather and rainfall not only facilitate the growth of cereals, but they also stimulate numerous types of weed to sprout. Local instances of frost slightly slow this process down. In the field one may see numerous unwanted plants such as the cornflower, the false mayweed, the goosefoot, the common poppy, the field pennycress, the shepherd's purse and rape self-seeders. We do not need to remind anyone of just how important weed control is in order to achieve a high crop yield and quality. The retail offer of the company includes many products to perfectly handle most weed types of summer cereals.

A complete product based on three chemical substances is Chwastox Trio 540 SL. The use of the dose of 1.5 l/ha guarantees the control of a broad spectrum of dicots (the common chickweed, the goosefoot, the false mayweed, the birdeye speedwell, the field pennycress). Depending on the individual weed types, one may use other products based on growth control agents independently or in a spray mix with other products from diverse chemical groups.

The control of weed in summer cereals is also aided by Chwastox Turbo 340 SL (2.0 l/ha), which controls such types as: the cornflower, the common chickweed, the goosefoot, the common poppy, the false mayweed, the field chamomile, rape self-seeders, the red-root amaranth, the shepherd's purse and the field pennycress. In order to broaden the range of controlled weeds, Chwastox Turbo 340 SL (1.5 l/ha) may be used in a spray mix together with Chwastox MP 600 SL (0.5 l/ha), this solution is recommended for summer barley. Products containing the active ingredient MCPA with a very broad registration for summer cereals are Chwastox 750 SL and Chwastox Extra 300 SL, they can be used „solo” or as a component of spray mixes. The effect of products based on active agents from the growth control group is visible quickly after use.

Under favourable weed growth conditions, the first visible effects can be seen after 2-3 days already. Quick dying of plants limits their growth, and primarily the uptake of nutrients and of water – to limit competition for the actual crop.