A new product from the Ciech range – CHWASTOX® UNIWERSALNY joins the herbicide family

After last year’s introduction of CHWASTOX® NOWY TRIO and CHWASTOX® COMPLEX herbicides, in 2019, in our range of cereal herbicides, a completely new product, CHWASTOX® UNIWERSALNY 60 SG, has appeared. What are the distinguishing characteristics of this herbicide? Why is its availability so important for farmers?

For many years specialists at Ciech have been carrying out research and development work on a new agent against weeds. They were aimed at registering and producing a herbicide that will contain only MCPA in the form of SG, or water-soluble granules.

CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny weed control product - its role in the herbicide market

This novelty in our offer is also a unique formulation in the entire market of products for farmers. The development of a formula with MCPA in the form of granules allowed for the concentration of a very large dose of the active ingredient. In CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny 60 SGMCPA accounts for up to 60% of the entire composition. Thanks to this, weed control is even more effective.

How does CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny work?

The use of a concentrated dose of MCPA has enabled the huge potential of this active ingredient to be exploited – without harming other plants! CHWASTOX® Universal is a selective herbicide, which means that it can be used even when the crop is growing.

The effectiveness of the product is also affected by its systemic action. The herbicide penetrates the tissues that cover the plants and then spreads over all their parts. Thanks to this, CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny:

  •  deforms plants,
  • controls weed growth,
  • contributes to weed dieback. 

Our new herbicide is intended for foliar application and shows the greatest effectiveness in the 2-6 leaves stage.

CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny and other CHWASTOX® products – effective herbicides in weed control

Enlargement of the herbicide family with a new concentrated agent has allowed farmers to find a wide range of weed control substances in our offer. Thanks to CHWASTOX® Uniwersalny, it is possible to remove from the field, orchard, meadow or garden sensitive weeds, including:

  • common fumitory,
  • charlock mustard,
  • lamb’s quarters,
  • common hemp-nettle,
  • self-seeding of rapeseed,
  • shepherd’s purse,
  • field pennycress.

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