CIECH Sarzyna distinguished with the prestigious 'Forbes Diamond 2017'

The business monthly 'Forbes' and the company Bisnode – a leader in the economic information industry – had appreciated the dynamic development of the company CIECH Sarzyna, awarding it the prestigious 'Forbes Diamond 2017'. According to experts, the value of Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products had risen in the years 2013-2015 by over 24%.

The editorial team of 'Forbes' and the company Bisnode Polska had already for the 10th time drawn up a list of the most dynamically developing companies in our country. The list includes companies that in the last three years increased their value most quickly. Analysts from Bisnode Polska valuated companies using the Swiss method. It fuses the asset and the revenue methods. The first does not appreciate the value of employees and the know-how at hand. And valuation based on revenue does not in turn appreciate the sensitivity to seasonal or market changes. Companies investing a lot may record low profits.

The dynamic development of CIECH Sarzyna is the effect of many good business decisions – the expansion of the product portfolio, international expansion focused on the most effective directions, development of the distribution network and intensification of marketing activities. We are very happy to hear that the hard work of our entire team was noticed and distinguished with such a prestigious prize – said the Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

In the years 2013-2015, CIECH Sarzyna underwent a thorough process of restructuring that formed the foundations of the future development of the company. In this time, grand investments were completed, e. g. transferred into use was one of the world's largest systems manufacturing two active agents for plant protection products, MCPA and MCPP-P, started up was the system for glyphosate aminisation. In the year 2014, in turn, started u was the system used to manufacture saturated polyester resins. During this time, CIECH Sarzyna also introduced to the market many new products, including Agrosar 360 SL – quickly gaining respect of the market as a product used to control monocots and dicots.

We are also happy to hear that, compared to the previous year, the number of Forbes Diamonds in the Subcarpathian region had risen. Our region has great potential to become in the future the driving force of the Polish economy – added the Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

CIECH Sarzyna is one of the key companies in the CIECH Group and a pillar of its organic chemistry segment. In the year 2017, it is celebrating eighty years of existence. CIECH Sarzyna specialises in the manufacture of plant protection products (agriculture) and resins. The full product range covers over a thousand items and their derivatives. The best known trademarks includes agricultural brands: Chwastox, Agrosar 360SL and ZIEMOVIT. Beside Europe, the company serves markets in Asia and Australia.