CIECH Sarzyna Field Days

This year's CIECH Sarzyna Field Days had taken place on June 14th in Orłowo near Nowy Dwór Gdański, Pomeranian voivodeship, Poland. The field workshop with participation of CIECH specialists and a representative of the Institute of Plant Protection with the National Research Institute in Poznań, Poland, confirmed the top quality and effectiveness of the plant protection products from Nowa Sarzyna. Unique guests of the event were Anna and Grzegorz Bardowski, participants of the Polish edition of “Farmer wants a wife”, closely cooperating with Poland's largest plant protection product manufacturer for two years already.

A highlight of the event was the field workshop with experts from CIECH Sarzyna and engineer Adam Paradowsk from the Institute of Plant Protection with the National Research Institute in Poznań Poland, during which presented were, among others, herbicidal and fungicidal solutions used in the farming of wheat, barley and rye.

The CIECH Sarzyna Field Days are the best occasion to present to our customers just how effective our products are. We do not shy away from any verification of their quality – we have unique manufacturing experience, supported by over fifty years of tradition in the manufacture of plant protection products. Together with continued perfection of manufacturing technologies and investments in modern lines, we are able to maintain top quality of our products, thanks to which we are the most popular manufacturer of cereal herbicides on the Polish market – says Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

Guests at the event could, for instance, evaluation of the action of the new product from the CHWASTOX brand range, CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW, which is a unique herbicide to control the most important weed of winter wheat and lawns. The fusion of three active ingredients - MCPA, clopyralid and fluroxypyr – guarantees quick and efficient elimination of a broad range of dicots such as cleavers, the cornflower or the common poppy. The product acts systemically, destroying both the overground part as well as the root structure of the weeds.

Protection of rye, summer wheat and barley was discussed by experts on the basis of utilisation of the product CHWASTOX Nowy Trio 390 SL – a weed control product in the form of a liquid for preparing water solutions, to be used on leaves and foreseen for the control of dicots. Fungus-free development of winter wheat and rye is ensured, in turn, by the uniquely effective fungicide from CIECH Sarzyna called Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW, which acts systemically and is used preventively and interventionally with the emergence of the first signs of disease in the crop. Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW is the perfect tool to control such plant diseases as, among others, wheat tan spot, powdery mildew of cereals and grasses, wheat leaf rust, blight of crucifer plants, blackleg disease of brassica or the watery soft rot.

In addition, guests at the event could test the effectiveness of new leaf fertilisers in the SARPLON range available from CIECH Sarzyna – for winter wheat, winter barley, rye or summer barley. These top quality products contain the macro- and micronutrients required by plants that facilitate the quality and volume of the crop. Leaf fertilisation used at the correct phase of growth is an effective mode of supplementing shortages of nutrients in order to utilise the crop yield potential of plants.

Participants of the CIECH Sarzyna Field Days in Orłowo also got to know the new products of the company – including the leaf fertiliser SARMIN maKSi, with a very high silicon content. They could also buy products of Poland's largest plant protection product manufacturer at preferential prices by signing on to the programme „Your Sarzyna”.

Unique guests of the event were Anna and Grzegorz Bardowski, participants of the popular Polish edition of “Farmer wants a wife”, who participated actively in numerous competitions for the participants of the CIECH Sarzyna Field Days. The event was rounded off with an open picnic.