CIECH Sarzyna Field Days in Orłowo, Poland

This year's CIECH Sarzyna Field Days will take place on June 29th in Orłowo near Nowy Dwór Gdański in Poland. During the meeting, we will show off example crops, to which products from the company's range were applied.

The key item of the agenda will be field workshops with experts from CIECH Sarzyna, during which they presented herbicidal solutions used for winter wheat and maize. During the event, representatives of the Company will also demonstrate the viability of the Tarcza Łan Extra fungicide for rape production. This is a liquid product used to create a water-based emulsion of systemic activity, used preventively and interventionally at the first signs of disease for winter rape and winter wheat.

CIECH Sarzyna Field Days are the best occasion to showcase to our customers just how effective our products are. We do not fear verification of their quality – we have unique production experience supported by 55 years of tradition in the manufacture of plant protection products. Along with continued perfection of manufacturing technologies and investments in modern production systems, this gives us an advantage over the competition and has let us for years maintain the leading position among Polish plant protection product manufacturers – said the Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

Unique guests of the event will be Anna and Grzegorz Bardowski, participants of the famous show “ Farmer wants a wife 2”, who will actively participate in numerous competitions for the guests of the Field Days. The event will be rounded off with an open picnic.