CIECH Sarzyna Field Days in Ruszkowo, Poland

CIECH Sarzyna presented to its customers, distributors and journalists crops on which products from the company's range were used. The meeting proved the top quality of the plant protection products from Nowa Sarzyna. On the occasion of the event, CIECH Sarzyna also presented the 2017 season's new entry in its range – the Chwastox CF 260 EW product for professionals.

The key item of the agenda were field workshops with experts from CIECH Sarzyna, during which they presented herbicidal solutions used on summer barley and summer wheat, as well as solutions in the area of fertilisation of produced plants.

The Field Days organised by CIECH Sarzyna Dni Pola took place on June 15th this year, at the Pietrzak family farm in the localities of Szczutowo and Ruszkowo. The farm, over 450 hectares in size, deals with the production of cereals, rape, sugar beet, maize, cereal-legume mixes and peas.

The Field Days are the best occasion to present to our customers the top effectiveness of our products. We do not fear any verification of their quality - we have unique experience in their manufacture, supported by a 70-year tradition in the manufacture of plant protection products. Together with continued perfection of the manufacturing technology, this gives us an advantage over the competition, allowing us to stay on as leader among Polish manufacturers for years – said the Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

The Field Days were also an opportunity to present news for the 2017 season by CIECH Sarzyna – the product Chwastox CF 260 EW for professionals. It is a selectively-acting product used to control dicots in grassy areas (lawns, sports fields and golf courses). Chwastox CF 260 EW is characterised by high effectiveness and a broad weed control range thanks to three active ingredients. It has a broad range of phases of product use and is quick to act – its effects can be seen already within a day or two after treatment. Professionals will also note the high flexibility in the choice of subsequent crops.

Partners of the event were: the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – one of the largest and most prestigious higher education facilities in Poland, and the company URSUS – Poland's oldest brand of vehicles, machinery and equipment manufactured for agriculture.