CIECH Sarzyna products reach Canada and Australia

CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, has started supplying its weed control products (synthesised in Poland based on MCPA) to Canada and Australia. The company is also conducting intense trade activity in Iran, at the same time strengthening its position on current export markets – Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Thailand, Spain, Belorussia and in the Baltic countries. The value of export sales of CIECH Sarzyna had risen in the years 2015-2017 by 70%, and the Company is currently selling its plant protection products to approx. forty countries worldwide.

CIECH Sarzyna is one of several worldwide manufacturers of MCPA-based herbicides. The demand for these products is particularly high in countries characterised by extensive farming (large areas and low investment per unit of area), such as Canada or Australia. The company maintains top purity of the active ingredients it synthesises. Plant protection products manufactured by CIECH Sarzyna reach these two countries thanks to effective utilisation by the company of the current situation in China, where in many plants the manufacture of MCPA was halted or shut down altogether due to failure to adhere to environment protection standards. It is precisely Chinese factories that have made deliveries to the largest MCPA market in the world, namely Australia.

- We have made used of the favourable market situation and are increasing MCPA deliveries to Australia. It is a market of enormous potential, with a plantation area close to 25 million hectares (compared to only 11 million hectares in Poland) and the largest consumption of MCPA in the world. We have excellent opinions about our product from customers – primarily due to continued and repeatable very high quality, being the result of over 60 years of experience in Sarzyna in the manufacture of plant protection plants. The knowledge of our employees was used during the start-up of the third MCPA synthesis system – in 2013. It is at the same time most probably the most technologically advanced system of this kind in the world – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

The next direction of foreign expansion of Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products is Canada. The first deliveries to that market were conducted in April of 2018.

- Different than Australia, where we have returned after a few years of absence, Canada is a wholly new market for CIECH Sarzyna. Similarly to Australia, Canada is characterised by enormous field sizes and great demand for MCPA esters. - explains Mariusz Grelewicz.

Presently, approx. 20% of the revenue of the CIECH Group in the agriculture sector stems from foreign sales. The company CIECH Sarzyna, responsible for the manufacture of plant protection products in the group, regularly expands its presence on foreign markets. It is worth underscoring that it is a very time-consuming operation – beside business factors and offer attractiveness, product registration is also of key importance. This means going through the entire process of approval of an active ingredient and the ready product on a given market, which can take anything from three even up to seven years. The registration process of plant protection products is in many respects akin to the process known from the pharmaceutical market.

- Due to the lengthy process of registration of products, improvement of the participation of export in our sales is spread out over time. In the year 2017, we have registered 14 products abroad, for instance, in Germany, Italy, Belgium or the Czech Republic, but also in exotic countries such as Iran, the market of which we are also boldly entering with our products – says Mariusz Grelewicz.

The development programme of the company's portfolio (in the agriculture sector) on international markets assumes the registration of over twenty new, own products in the central and southern zone (e. g. Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain or Ireland) in the years 2017-2021. The company is also implementing its investment plan to achieve own permits for active agents, the count of which is to rise from two in 2016. to ten in 2020.