CIECH Sarzyna showcased the work of its flagship products during the 2019 Dni Pola (Field Days) trade show

On the 12th of June in Orłowo near Nowy Dwór Gdański (Pomorskie Voivodeship), CIECH Sarzyna organised the next edition of the Field Days Fair. The largest Polish manufacturer of plant protection products showcased its effective solutions for main field crops in Poland – winter and spring wheat, spring barley, maize and winter rapeseed – to farmers, distributors and agricultural media representatives. The participants also had the opportunity to learn that the portfolio of the CIECH Group includes more than just plant protection products – for example calcium chloride, which reduces dustiness on unpaved roads and yards, as well as baking soda used as a feed ingredient.

“Every year, we invite our customers to see our showcase fields, enabling them to test the effects of our products in practice. We are not afraid of allowing them to validate their quality, since we have exceptional R&D and production experience, supported by more than 50 years of tradition in the production of plant protection products. With continuous development of our production technology and investments in innovative production lines, this allows us to maintain the highest quality of our products, thanks to which we are the most popular producent of cereal herbicides on the Polish market. Every year, we present new products, and this time around, we decided to showcase products made by other companies from our Group, including calcium chloride, which is used in the farms’ technical maintenance, as well as SOBIC FEED feed additive,” said Jacek Skwira, Head of Strategic Marketing and Product Portfolio Management in the CIECH Group’s AGRO Business.

The participants of this year's Field Days had the opportunity to see the effectiveness of CIECH Sarzyna’s products with their own eyes. Specialists and experts showcased the Company's products in each field, while answering participants’ questions about the individual crops and products, as well as explaining the numerous benefits of using a combination of different protection products.

Protecting wheat (both spring and winter) and barley crops were various products from the CHWASTOX family – the most popular cereal herbicide brand in Poland, which quickly and effectively controls weeds. MCPA – the active substance used in CHWASTOX brand products does not cause resistance build-up, which is confirmed by agricultural practice and scientific consensus. The continuously improved formulations of our products ensure their convenient use and easy combination with other plant protection products. Wheat and barley fields showcased the result of a combination of CHWASTOX and AMBASADOR 75WG, a foliar agent used for postemergence dicotyledonous weed control, as well as the effects of a tribenuron-methyl 75 WG product for controlling basic dicotyledonous weeds in cereal farming. Growth regulation was achieved with WINDSAR 250 EC, which contains trinexapac-ethyl. Protection against fungal diseases was ensured by our fungicides – AZOKSAR 250 SC (azoxystrobin), ASKALON 125 SC (flutriafol) and TARCZA Łan Extra 250 EW (tebuconazole).

The maize field was a showcase for TEZOSAR® 500 SC, the only herbicide on the market containing solo terbuthylasine. This product is an excellent dicotyledonous weed control agent in maize farming.

Thanks to the properties of its active substance, it protects the plantation against weed reemergence for up to 8 weeks. TEZOSAR® 500 SC joins the well-known and widely acclaimed series featuring NIKOSAR® 060 OD and JUZAN 100 SC products. This has given CIECH customers an excellent component for mixtures with other preparations, which significantly broadens the spectrum of controlled weeds.

Rapeseed protection was ensured by two products – SZABLA 480 EC and a product containing Metazachlor 500 SC. Individual fields showcased different dosage variants of the products used. Mixtures of these products, used in the autumn, up to three days after sowing, protect the rapeseed from key weeds plaguing this crop.

During the 2019 Field Days Fair in Orłowo, the CIECH Group presented solutions of other CIECH companies that may be useful in agriculture – including calcium chloride – for the first time in the history of this event. Thanks to its properties, which enable it to increase the strength and integrity of unpaved surfaces, it greatly limits dusting of roads, parking lots and yards, while lowering road maintenance costs by up to 80%. The company also showcased SOBIC FEED soda – an important feed additive that increases the efficiency of animal feeding process by ensuring better transport of nutrients to the cells.

After the substantive part, the participants of the Field Days could also take part in a picnic with numerous attractions and sign up for the “Twoja Sarzyna” partnership programme addressed to farms. Participation in the programme allows farmers to gain many benefits, including access to information about new solutions and products developed by CIECH, opportunities for exchanging experiences with other participants, direct service by CIECH Sarzyna representatives and participation in meetings and training courses organised by CIECH Sarzyna. The financial dimension of direct cooperation is also crucial in this case.