Development of new products and foreign expansion are the priorities of CIECH Sarzyna for 2018

CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, has presented its development plans for the year 2018. The foundation of the development of the agricultural business of the CIECH Group are to be intense R&D activities, expansion of the product range and progressing foreign expansion. CIECH Sarzyna will also continue to develop its distribution and sale network and improve its promotional activities, including loyalty programmes for sales points and farms.

During a special press conference organised on the occasion of the meeting for distributors of plant protection products, representatives of the Company have summed up also the most important events of the last 12 months in the agricultural sector of the CIECH Group. Among the most important achievements of the group may be found, among others, the high improvement of company sales in the 2017 season (Q4 of 2016 and the first three quarters of 2017), exceeding 20%, achieved against the backdrop of the market for plant protection products in Poland shrinking in the recent years.

This is the result of very good sales of the flagship products offered by CIECH Sarzyna. The company had strengthened its leading position in the cereal herbicide market, registering in the 2017 season an increase of sales in this area by almost 35%. The sale of the glyphosate-containing product AGROSAR 360 SL, against the backdrop of the market condition, which rose by 90% permitted CIECH Sarzyna to achieve a 43% share of the glyphosate market in Poland (according to independent research by the Polish Plant Protection Association, PSOR).

Our excellent results are the effect of consequently implemented development strategies of CIECH Sarzyna, including the intensification of R&D work, expansion of the product offer and of the presence on international markets, and improvements in sales and marketing. Thanks to hard work and the trust of three generations of Polish farmers for the high quality of our products, we are achieving very good results despite ever-increasing market competition – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

In the year 2018, CIECH Sarzyna plans to expand its offer for agriculture by six new plant protection products. The market will see the debut of, among others, CHWASTOX Nowy Trio 390 SL – a weed control product in the form of a liquid for the preparation of a water solution, applied to leaves, used to control weeds in cereals. The company portfolio will also be expanded by the easy-to-use product named METISED 700 WG, containing a leading active agent in the protection against apple tree scab, tolerant of unfavourable weather conditions (rinsing away by rain or temperature changes).

The offer of CIECH Sarzyna will also be expanded by Beltone 25 FS. It is a plant protection product foreseen for the most important winter and summer cereals, characterised by high effectiveness against the most important causal agents of diseases of early cereal development stages. The seed treatment Rancona 15 ME in turn is characterised by an innovative form and guarantee of precise cover of seeds at a level hitherto unseen.

The offer of the company for the year 2018 will be amended by the fungicide Agrotalonil 500 SC, acting on various living activities of fungi and distinguished by a broad spectrum of controlled diseases without immunity. The insecticide Pengar 5 GB in turn is a product to control slugs in the form of a granulated lure.

CIECH Sarzyna will continue to expand its offer in the area of specialist leaf fertilisers. In the year 2017, the Company introduced the SARPLON brand to the market, containing macro- and micronutrients necessary for plants that positively influence the volume and quality of the crop. In the year 2018 this category will be supplemented by the product SARPLON maKSi, characterised by a content of water-soluble silicon that was previously unseen on the market, and top quality potassium among high-silicon fertilisers. Very good influence of the product on the improvement of the general health of plants through synergistic influence of silicon and potassium was confirmed by field tests conducted at the Polish Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, who in recent years has doubled the export of its agricultural products, is planning to continue intense foreign expansion. The development programme of the company's portfolio on international markets assumes the registration of over twenty new, own products in the central and southern zone (e. g. Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain or Ireland) in the years 2017-2021. The company is also implementing its investment plan to achieve own permits for active agents, the count of which is to rise from two in 2016. to ten in 2020.

Global population growth, ever-increasing food requirements, reductions in farm land areas per person and unfavourable weather conditions force farmers to maximise crop yield per hectare. We want to accommodate them offering not only proven plant protection products, but also high-quality specialist fertilisers at affordable prices. It cannot be denied today that the development of the plant protection product market is one of the key responses to the challenges of agriculture of the 21st century – stresses Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

In the year 2018, the Company aims to continue intense activities in terms of marketing and sales support, including the development of its loyalty programmes: Sarzyna Now', dedicated to sale points for plant protection products, and 'Your Sarzyna' for farms. Among the numerous advantages offered by CIECH Sarzyna noteworthy are attractive bonuses and rebates for loyal customers, the ability to participate in meetings and training seminars or the option to use modern tools to facilitate communication.


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CIECH Sarzyna is one of the key companies in the CIECH Group and a pillar of its organic chemistry segment. In the year 2017, it celebrated eighty years of existence. CIECH Sarzyna specialises in the manufacture of plant protection products (agriculture) and resins. The full product range covers over a thousand items and their derivatives. The best known trademarks includes agricultural brands: Chwastox, Agrosar 360SL and ZIEMOVIT. Beside Europe, the company serves markets in Asia and Australia.