Growing range of applications for CHWASTOX!

The use of products of the CHWASTOX family® has been significantly extended - in terms of the spectrum of both the controlled weeds and the crops covered. This is important information for many Polish farmers - Sarzyna CHWASTOX® produced by CIECH is the most popular herbicide used in cereal cultivation in Poland.

One out of every three hectares of spring cereals in Poland is protected by the CHWASTOX® product family. This most popular group of cereal herbicides in Poland quickly and effectively fights practically all dicotyledonous weeds. What is particularly important is that its formula causes weeds not to become immune to its effects, which is confirmed by agricultural practice and the opinion of the scientific world. CHWASTOX® has a convenient form of use and the wide range of products makes it possible to choose the right solution for the type of crop and level of weed infestation.

CHWASTOX® is constantly improved and adjusted to the expectations of Polish farmers thanks to intensive research and development activities carried out at CIECH Sarzyna laboratories. Their results include extension of the scope of registration of the product to cover other cereal species and to broaden the spectrum of weed control.

“The CHWASTOX family® is the fastest-acting range of cereal herbicides that control almost all dicotyledonous weeds. These products have enjoyed the trust of three generations of Polish farmers, thanks to their high quality and effectiveness. In order to meet our customers' expectations, we have undertaken intensive research and development activities, which have resulted in expansion of the scope of application of CHWASTOX® - in terms of the spectrum of both the controlled weeds and the crops covered,” says Wojciech Babski, head of the AGRO business department of the CIECH Group.

CHWASTOX EXTRA® 300 SL, the ideal solution for farmers who want to quickly and economically combat common weeds in their cereals, can be used for all basic cereal species. However, the spectrum of weeds that the product effectively fights has been widened and now includes charlock, scarlet pimpernel, and wartweed.

CHWASTOX® Nowy Trio 390 SL, the successor to CHWASTOX® Trio 540 SL, has a wider registration label in terms of the crops and the spectrum of the controlled weeds than its predecessor. It can be used additionally in winter barley and spring triticale, and the products fights 5 more weeds: field chamomile, lamb's-quarters, common fumitory, redstem filaree, and redroot pigweed.

The undisputed market leader, CHWASTOX Turbo® 340 SL, designed for farmers who value the control of a very wide range of dicotyledonous weeds with a high impact on the crop's yield-forming potential, has also been given the possibility to use in winter barley, spring wheat, and spring triticale. The product now also fights as many as 14 additional weeds!

For CHWASTOX D® 179 SL, the registration label has been extended by the possibility to use it in winter triticale, winter barley, rye, spring wheat, and oats, and the spectrum of weed the weeds it controls was increased by 10 species. For more information on the products of the CHWASTOX® family, the range of crops for which they can be used, and the spectrum of controlled weeds, please visit