Grzegorz and Anna Bardowski from Poland's „Farmer wants a wife” will promote CIECH Sarzyna products

Grzegorz Bardowski, known from the popular television show „Farmer wants a wife 2”, has become the „face” of the new advertising campaign of CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products. Together with his wide, Anna Bardowska, they will take part in a broad campaign on television, in electronic, printed and social media, promoting the Polish origins of CIECH Sarzyna and the broad portfolio of the company's agricultural products.

„We come from here, we grow here” - this is the slogan of the campaign, stressing both the Polish roots of CIECH Sarzyna as well as the fact of the fusion of the development of the company along with Polish agriculture. The promotional activities will span primarily weed control products – Poland's most popular herbicide family, Chwastox, and Agrosar 360SL – the weed control product that is quickly gaining popularity on the market, owing to its high effectiveness of controlling couch and other monocots and dicots (annual and perennial). The campaign will also present fungicides by CIECH Sarzyna, e. g. the Tarcza Łan Extra 250EW – a systemically acting product used for preventive and interventional treatment at the first signs of disease in winter rape and winter wheat.

- We are very happy to cooperate with the young, dynamic couple, the Bardowski family, who are perfectly at home in today's reality. This unique fusion of eighty years of experience of CIECH Sarzyna and the dynamism of young Polish farmers who have trusted our brand, enjoying the appreciation of three generations of Polish farmers. CIECH Sarzyna, as Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, also sets the standards in modern product marketing, which is best proven by the immediately commencing campaign and the use of the potential of the Internet to promote our products and to rejuvenate our brand. Thanks to this we gain a new face, retaining the trust built over 80 years of the history of CIECH Sarzyna – said the Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

- The grandparents and parents of today's farmers used products by CIECH Sarzyna. They are manufactured in Poland and developed by the most talented young Polish scientists. I appreciate both their high quality, as well as the experience of the company in terms of plant protection, as proven by solutions tested over the years. Hence, the possibility of cooperation with Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products is a great distinction to me – adds Grzegorz Bardowski.

The Bardowski family is known from the Polish edition of Farmer wants a wife, shown in Poland's state television, and the activity on Youtube, where they have their own channel dedicated to farmers, with films displayed hundreds of thousands of times.

The planned marketing activities with the Bardowski family cover e. g. an advertisement in Poland's most important television channels (state television, Polsat, topical channels) and radio stations (Polish Radio One, regional divisions, RMF FM), outdoor advertisements and a campaign in industry press and on-line. The campaign was planned to run from February until June of this year.