How to control weed in winter cereals? The first episode of the CIECH Sarzyna guide is already available on Youtube

CIECH Sarzyna had opened a new advice channel for farmers and home gardeners on YouTube. Using interesting film material, the company aims at periodically presenting to all those interested professional advice on the usage of plant protection products and on care for the crop.

As plants emerge, weed also develops. Their control should be initiated already at the beginning of the growing season. The best method to do that is to use weed control products. Detailed information on their use can be found by all those interested in the CIECH Sarzyna guide, already available at:

The first episode of the guide shows the most effective methods of control of weed in winter cereals. In the subsequent offerings, experts from CIECH Sarzyna will present, among others, methods of protection of potatoes against alternariosis and potato blight, rape desiccation, methods of protection of orchards against weeds and fungal diseases, the control of couch in stubble fields and methods of effective seed treatment before sowing.

The documents published on the channel were designed with high diligence, both in terms of material content as well as visuals. Their content is controlled by the best specialists in the industry, and the valuable suggestions and advice are presented in a visually attractive, easy to understand form.

As Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products we want to set the market's best standards in terms of communication with the users of our products. We hope that our new YouTube channel will become for Polish farmers the source of valuable advice to help them take even better care of their plants and crop – said Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.