How to recognise original CIECH Sarzyna products?

Due to the rising problem of sale of illegal plant protection products, CIECH Sarzyna encourages You to purchase exclusively registered products, and reminds that all packagings of Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products have numerous protection systems confirming their originality.

Which components confirm the originality of CIECH Sarzyna products?

• a hologram with a unique number and the CIECH Sarzyna logo
• logo embossed on the twist-off cap
• logo embossed on the bottle
• twist-off cap protected by a tamper-evident seal with the logo of the product or of CIECH Sarzyna
• the ® mark confirming the originality of the name
• the Polish registration indication as confirmed by the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
• label in Polish.

Only original products sold by proven retailers guarantee effectiveness and safety of use. One needs to remember that illegal products do not undergo registration testing, hence they may contain substances that can be harmful not only to plants, but also to people and the environment. The use of illegal compounds is against the law, and during an inspection this could mean heavy fines and the risk of losing EU funding. In order to protect yourself from fakes, purchase plant protection products from licensed suppliers, keep your invoice or bill and check, whether the package is original and has not been tampered with.