New marketing campaign – 'Agrosar – thorough weed removal'

'Agrosar – thorough weed removal' is the main slogan of the next offering of the marketing campaign of CIECH Sarzyna products. The activities planned within the campaign cover, among others, press advertisements, on-line banners and a promotional television ad.

Agrosar 360 SL is a weed control product that is quickly gaining the respect of the market. Its formulation, as opposed to other products on the market, was based on a so-called 'green adjuvant', meaning that the product is much more environmentally friendly than its counterparts. Agrosar 360 SL is highly effective in controlling couch and other monocots and dicots (annual and perennial) and the removal of unwanted plants in recreational gardens, along pavements, driveways and in other areas. It is a uniquely universal product that may be used for many crop types, also in recreational areas, where it is offered under the brand ZIEMOVIT.

'The market of plant protection products is growing, and in order to be able to successfully compete on it, key are experience, appropriate distribution channels as well as flexibility in perfecting products. CIECH Sarzyna has all these properties. Agrosar 360 SL is a product that cannot be matched in professional farms, suburban gardens or home gardens. I am convinced that the improvement of marketing communication will improve awareness of this brand among our present and future Customers' – said Mariusz Grelewicz, chairman of CIECH Sarzyna.

As part of the marketing campaign, advertisements of Agrosar 360 SL will be published in industry press and on-line, where a 15-second promotional spot will also be available ( The campaign is to close at the end of September.

The undertaken activities are part of a larger marketing campaign by CIECH Sarzyna, 'Set the weed a limit', which began in 2015. It promotes the most popular plant protection products offered by the company – Agrosar 360 SL and the Chwastox product series, some of the best recognisable weed control products on the Polish market. The design and implementation is driven by the advertising agency WALK. Media purchases remain the obligation of the Starlink media house.