New packages of agricultural products. Legibility and user comfort a priority

In the new year, CIECH Sarzyna is continuing the process of implementing positive organisational changes. Following the reorganisation of the current distribution and sales channels, the company is introducing a new quality of communication on packages for the agricultural sector.

The superordinate purpose of the introduced changes is focusing on user comfort through improvement of label legibility and simplification of quick recognition of the purpose and mode of use of a given product. Prior packages of plant protection products, also those manufactured by CIECH Sarzyna, were very technical and dominated by text.

The new labels of Chwastox stress was made to improve clear legibility and present key data on the product, such as its mode of use, doses and advantages, using intuitive icons and a clear graphical layout. The new packages of CIECH Sarzyna plant protection products are also characterised by attractive graphics and photographs of crops, allowing quick identification of their purpose. To facilitate identification of specific products, in turn, the company had introduced special coloured twist-off caps with a colour code on the labels. Improved were also security measures to prevent counterfeiting of products.

The new labels and packages of our agricultural products are a part of a broader marketing campaign by CIECH Sarzyna. As Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, we want to set the market's best standards in terms of communication with users of our products – said Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna. The packages with new labels will be introduced to the market from the beginning of 2016. The change will first cover the Chwastox product line.