New seed treatments: SARFUN® DUO 515 FS and SAROX® DUO ACTIVE

The range offered by CIECH Sarzyna is as of now expanded by two new seed treatment products - SARFUN® DUO 515 FS and SAROX® DUO ACTIVE.

Sarox DUO ACTIVE is a fungicide in the form of a liquid concentrate, with a systemic mode of action, foreseen for the treatment of seeds for the sowing of winter wheat in treating machines suitable for liquid and suspension-type treatments. It prepares the plant for wintering, reduces the risk of freezing over and facilitates growth in the spring. SAROX® DUO ACTIVE contains two systemically active substances from different chemical groups, with complementary action mechanisms. The substances cause disturbances to the metabolism of the pathogenic fungi, blocking their life processes, protecting the cereals against infection during and following sprouting. It is a unique treatment controlling a set of the most important illnesses of the early stage of cereal development and fusarium fungi. SAROX® DUO ACTIVE is available for sale in packages of one, five and ten litres.

SARFUN® DUO 515 FS is a fungicide in the form of a concentrate, guaranteeing high seed, seedling and young plant protection ability against fungal diseases thanks to two complementary active agents. The surface action of thiuram limits the development of disease/ pathogenic fungal spores on the surfaces of caryopses and in the soil. The systemic action of tebuconazole amends and extends the action of the treatment also to cover the period of emergence and development of seedlings and young plants. Tebuconazole is quickly absorbed to the inside of the vegetative parts of the plants. It exhibits preventive, healing and destructive activity. The fusion of these two substances raises security of sowing, improving the plant count. SARFUN® DUO 515 FS leads to bigger crops of a high quality. The product is available for sale in packages of one litre, five and ten litres.

The recent years of development of CIECH Sarzyna are a period of intense and dynamic growth. We are achieving ever bigger successes in terms of foreign expansion, as proven by, e. g. doubling of revenue from the sale of exported agricultural products abroad and a rising count of registrations of plant protection products from Sarzyna on international markets. It is no secret that one of our priorities in the agricultural sector is the intensification of the registration process of new products, for which the modern R&D centre of CIECH is responsible. Until 2010 we are planning to almost double the count of plant protection products in our offer – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

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