Playground for disabled children opened in Nowa Sarzyna

On October 24th, in Nowa Sarzyna, the opening of a new playground for disabled children, took place; the playground was co-financed by CIECH Sarzyna – Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products. This is a further project in the area of corporate social activity conducted by the company as part of its celebrations of eighty years of existence.

The playground opened in Nowa Sarzyna is the first and only site of its kind dedicated to disabled people. The investment value up to this point is PLN 70,000.

The event was integrated with the official transfer into use of a pre-school for disabled children founded by the association „Integracja bez Granic” (Integration without borders). The event saw the participation of, among others, representatives of companies that co-founded the playground – Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna and Iwona Sierżęga, Chairman of the Board of the cogeneration plant Polenergia Elektrociepłownia Nowa Sarzyna, as well as the mayor of the city and county of Nowa Sarzyna – Andrzej Rychel. the association „Integracja bez Granic” was represented, among others, by Dorota Płachta – the coordinator of the construction of the playground, Anna Paszek – chairman of the association, and Magdalena Kusy – general manager of the disabled childrens' preschool of Nowa Sarzyna, as well as parents with children. The event was accompanied by a display of 2400 sports scarves (Poland's largest collection submitted for entry in the Guinness Book of Records), collected by a young man under the care of the association - Patryk Grab.

Not many people remember that the city of Nowa Sarzyna was formed around our plant, which financed the construction of the settlements, schools or the hospital. We are a vital part of the local community, to which we want to be a good neighbour. We employ over 600 people and support many local companies. Hence, we want to continue to develop with advantages for the local community, regional economy and the entire country – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.