Rancona, Beltone – new seed treatments offered by CIECH Sarzyna

The offer of plant protection products of CIECH Sarzyna was expanded by two new seed treatments; Rancona 15 ME and Beltone 25 FS.

Rancona 15 ME is a single-ingredient seed treatment of surface and systemic activity. The fusion of two modes of action permits the control of pathogens found on the surface of the caryopsis and inside it. Appropriate process execution quality is secured by the ME (microemulsion) form.

Beltone 25 FS contains the very well known and proven active substance triticonazole, which is characterised by systemic activity. Triticonazole acts preventively, healing and eradicating, hence it guarantees very good protection against pathogens from the moment of sprouting to early cereal development stages.

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