Results of the grand lottery of CIECH Sarzyna

This year's lottery, organised by Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, lasted from March until August. The competition was aimed at all farmers who during this time bought the products CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW or AGROSAR 360 SL. The grand prize was a voucher for a sprayer worth 50,000 PLN, and over a thousand interesting prizes were to be won!

The grand prize was won by Anna form Siemiatycze (Podlaskie voivodeship). The winner of the CIECH Sarzyna lottery said that the 50,000 PLN voucher she won will permit her to purchase a new and very efficient sprayer that will be a big help on her 160 hectare farm.

The grand lottery of CIECH Sarzyna lasted from March until August of this year. To participate in the CIECH Sarzyna lottery, all it took was to purchase a pack of CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW or AGROSAR 360 SL of any volume and register the label hologram code on the website or by text message. Many other valuable prizes made it to participants, including: electronic equipment – drones, TV sets and gaming consoles; plant protection products from CIECH Sarzyna (Agrosar 360 SL) and t-shirts. The CIECH Sarzyna lottery was a further part of a successful promotional campaign of the company.

„The lottery enjoys positive opinions of our customers, and due to the enormous interest in it, we have decided to continue it. As Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, we want to set the best standards of communication with our customers and the best promotion of our products. We are happy that we may additionally reward farmers for their hard, daily work, at the same time showing that we care about our customers” – says Jacek Skwira, CMO at CIECH Sarzyna.

The CHWASTOX brand is the most popular cereal herbicide in Poland, trusted by three generations of farmers already. CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW, a new offering by CIECH Sarzyna, is a unique herbicide to fight the most important types of weed of winter wheat as well as on lawns, sports pitches and golf fields. The fusion of three active agents - MCPA, clopyralid and fluroxypyr – guarantees fast and efficient removal of a broad range of dicots, among others, such as cleavers, the cornflower or the common poppy.

AGROSAR 360 SL is an efficient weed control compound in the form of a concentrate used to prepare an aqueous solution that is fast gaining the respect of the market; it is applied to leaves and is used to fight couch grass as well as other monocots and dicots (annual and perennial). It is characterised by its broad range of applications: stubble fields, before sowing to control weed or before the harvest to simplify it. The product is also characterised by the fact that any subsequent crop may be chosen after it is applied.

More information on the Polish lottery of CIECH Sarzyna may be found at the website