SARMIN maKSi – a new leaf fertiliser with a high silicon and potassium content makes it to the market

CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, continues the expansion of its portfolio in the area of leaf fertilisers. A new product offered by the company – SARMIN maKSi – is a fertiliser of highly bioavailable silicon and potassium. The positive influence of the SARMIN maKSi fertiliser on the crop, visible primarily in the form of improvements in crop yield, was confirmed in course of registration tests carried out by the Polish Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy.

SARMIN maKSi was designed with a view to supply the crop with as high a silicon volume in a highly bioavailable form as possible, meaning, for it to be fully soluble in water. As a result of the R&D work, a product was achieved that contains up to 150 g of silicon per litre of product. In addition, in order to facilitate optimum and fast transport of silicon across the entire plant, SARMIN maKSi was provided with potassium that is a very important macronutrient for farm plants. The addition of highly bioavailable potassium permits much more effective distribution of the silicon in the plant.

SARMIN maKSi facilitates the effectiveness of water management through synergic activity of silicon and potassium. A plant that is provided with sufficient water is healthier, and, what follows, it is less susceptible to biotic and abiotic stress. The introduction of silicon into the cell structures improves the rigidity of the stalk (stem), hinders infestation by vermin and reduces the susceptibility to infections by pathogens. A healthy plant builds its assimilation apparatus faster and is better resistant to stress, leading to better utilisation of the crop yield potential.

SARMIN maKSi is recommended for field plantations, mainly for cereals, winter rape, maize and sugar beet. Depending on the plant, the recommendation is to make 2-3 treatments using the SARMIN maKSi leaf fertiliser per season, at 0.5 l/ hectare.

- We are consequently expanding our product offer, also in the very promising area of leaf fertilisers. We are hoping that through very good quality and high effectiveness of SARMIN maKSi, based on the synergic action of silicon and potassium, good reputation of CIECH Sarzyna and proven distribution channels, we will quickly build trust of Polish farmers for this product. Our observations show that leaf fertilisers are viewed by them as very specialised, hence we want to use our brand to build awareness of the advantages of using such products. What's important, our leaf fertilisers are the perfect amendment to plant protection products, giving farmers a double advantage: a crop that is free of agriphages and a higher quality crop of a better yield – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

Leaf fertilisation applied at the right growth phase is an effective mode of amending the shortages of nutrients, and enabling the utilisation of the crop yield potential of the plants. It is used for all kinds of crops. Many factors, often independent of the farmer, can be the cause of nutrient shortages. The use of leaf fertilisers prevents the consequences of such shortages, positively influencing the quality and yield of the crop.

SARMIN maKSi is a further leaf fertiliser offered by CIECH Sarzyna. In the year 2017., the market saw the debut of the SARPLON brand, top quality fertilisers for cereals, maize, rape, and a universal fertiliser containing macro- and micronutrients necessary for the plants and positively influencing the crop volume and quality. SARPLON fertilisers influence the improvement of plant tolerance to stress conditions and stimulate metabolic processes. They can be used over a broad range of plant development stages, both in autumn, as well as in the spring.