SARPLON – new series of leaf fertilisers from CIECH Sarzyna

CIECH Sarzyna, Poland's leading manufacturer of plant protection products, had expanded its offer for agriculture by a new series of leaf fertilisers. the SARPLON brand encompasses top quality products containing macro- and micronutrients indispensable for plants, positively influencing crop volume and quality. Leaf fertilisation used at the correct development stage is an effective mode of amending nutrient shortages, allowing the plants to fully utilise their crop yield potential. SARPLON fertilisers improve the tolerance of plants to stress conditions and diseases and stimulate metabolic processes. They can be used over a broad range of development phases of crops, both in the autumn as well as in the spring.

Extraradical nutrition is characterised by a high degree and speed of utilisation of nutrients. Leaf application of micronutrients at an appropriate growth stage protects the plants against them losing their crop yield potential. It is used for all kinds of crops, including cereals, rape and maize. Many factors, often independent of the farmer, can be the cause of shortages of nutrients. The usage of leaf fertilisers prevents the consequences of such shortages, positively influencing crop quality and volume. Due to increases in the farmers' trust of leaf fertilisers, and, accordingly, the increases in the area of their use, this market has expanded over the least six years by several dozen percent.

- The expansion of the offer of CIECH Sarzyna by specialist fertilisers is for us a natural stage of development. The global population increase and unfavourable climatic conditions force farmers to intervene and supply plants with nutrients to maximise crop per hectare. We want to accommodate them, offering not only proven plant protection products, but also high-quality specialist fertilisers. Their top quality is guaranteed by ADOB, the technological leader in fertilisers, with whom we have designed their contents. Thanks to the present, strong position of CIECH Sarzyna on the market for plant protection products, we can offer to Polish farmers high quality of fertilisers at affordable prices – says Mariusz Grelewicz, Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna.

The pre-season offer of CIECH Sarzyna for 2018 had already seen the debuts of four leaf fertilisers from the SARPLON series – for cereals, maize, rape and a universal product.

SARPLON professional leaf fertilisers are adapted to the needs and expectations of farmers. The usage of two chelates permits full solubility of the fertilisers in water and stability of the solution as well as bioavailability of the ingredients across a wide pH value range. It also facilitates quick and effective transport of the micronutrients through the membranes of the plant, and the perfectly balanced composition of fertilisers responds to the needs of crops. SARPLON fertilisers also influence improvements of plant tolerances to stress conditions and diseases, and stimulate metabolic processes contributing to crop yield improvements.

SARPLON leaf fertilisers can be used across a broad range of development phases of plants, both in autumn as well as in the spring. They are an amendment of the offer also thanks to the possibility of simultaneous use with plant protection products of CIECH Sarzyna, e. g. the CHWASTOX product series. The expanded offer of CIECH Sarzyna gives the users double advantages – a crop free of weed, and one that is larger and of higher quality.

The company CIECH Sarzyna is consequently expanding its agricultural division through the expansion of the product portfolio, for which the R&D centre at CIECH is responsible, through expansion of distribution channels, improvements in the sales force or the intensification of marketing activities. Expanding the agricultural offer through professional fertilisers, the company aims at improving its market position and the image of a comprehensive manufacturer of agricultural products. The agricultural sector encompasses an ever-broader area of activity of the entire CIECH group, which places in it not only products from the organic sector, but also from the soda sector – e. g. animal feed soda and feed salt, and in the future, salt licks for farm animals.