SARPLON – pod sealant for those who care for their crop

SARPLON is a perfect sealant compound based on natural ingredients that limits crop losses directly before the harvest. The product covers the pods, thus limiting their physiological bursting and shattering of seeds, and used for cereals, prevents the seeds of being overgrown in ears. SARPLON is a great proposition for all farmers who care for their crop.

SARPLON is an auxiliary supporting product based on natural ingredients, foreseen for use in the farming of rape, cereals and legumes (e. g. peas, beans, lupin). It covers and binds the pods preventing their shattering and premature release of seeds, thanks to which it minimises crop losses.

SARPLON creates on the plant surface a semi-permeable membrane limiting the entry of water from the environment (precipitation, dew, fog) to the pods and seeds, at the same time letting water vapour pass from the inside out, permitting the natural drying of pods and caryopses. Usage of SARPLON as a pod sealant markedly reduces seed shattering, permits a longer harvest period and, in the end, improves pod maturation and the quality of the harvest.

It is also characterised by the lack of a waiting period and limitations in subsequent crops. It also acts against mass rape self-seeding.

SARPLON may be used in conjunction with Agrosar 360 SL in a spray mix, as part of programme of protection of rape with products of CIECH Sarzyna S. A., which definitely is a simplification and does not necessitate further entries to the rape field. The product is available in diverse packages: one litre, five litres, 10 litres.

We are systematically developing and diversifying our range in the agricultural sector. We want farmers from Poland and abroad to get from the CIECH Group top quality products to help them effectively and comprehensively manage plant production and animal farming – said Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.