Szabla 480 EC – a new entry in the offer of CIECH Sarzyna – cuts weeds at the roots

Szabla 480 EC is a uniquely effective herbicide used to control monocots and dicots in case of winter rape. It is a new entry in the range offered by CIECH Sarzyna, a product comfortable to use thanks to the low dose per hectare and its concentrated form.

Szabla 480 EC is a weed control product acting selectively, taken up through roots and shoots of sprouting weeds, and then moving to the leaves. The active agent – chlomazon – halts the synthesis of carotenoids in young weed leaves, causing them to whiten, and the plants – to die out.

The new product of CIECH Sarzyna is a product used before emergence, used to control certain annual monocots and dicots in the farming of winter rape, such as the common chickweed, the purple dead-nettle, cleavers or the shepherd's purse. Szabla 480 EC is best applied directly following the sowing of rape (at the latest – three days after sowing), to properly cultivated, clump-free soil. The herbicide permits effective control of weeds even before the winter rape emerges.

Szabla 480 EC is a further new component of our range, adapted to the needs and expectations of Polish farmers. CIECH Sarzyna spans long years of tradition in the manufacture of plant protection products and animal feed additives, innovative technologies and the best experts. All of this yields us the guarantee of top effectiveness of our products that is valued not only by Polish farmers, but also those from abroad – said Chairman of the Board of CIECH Sarzyna, Mariusz Grelewicz.

Szabla 480 EC is available for purchase in various container sizes :0.5 l, 1 l, 5 l.