Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW – Your advantage over fungi

Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW, a new product offered by CIECH Sarzyna – Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products – is a uniquely effective fungicide, acting systemically, for preventive and interventional use, applied the moment the first symptoms of disease appear in winter rape and winter wheat. Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW is the perfect tool to control wheat tan spot, powdery mildew of cereals and grasses, wheat leaf rust, blight of crucifer plants, blackleg disease of brassica, watery soft rot.

Product advantages:

  • economic solutions for the protection of winter wheat and rape; broad spectrum of controlled diseases;
  • perfect component for broad-spectrum disease control tank mixes;
  • broad time range of use;
  • in winter rape, it not only reduces disease pressure but also acts as a growth control agent – used in autumn it improves wintering, used in the spring it simplifies the harvest and improves seed quality.

Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW for cereals is characterised by a broad application period, from the beginning of stem elongation to the end of heading (BBCH 30-59). The product is also a very good solution in the fungicidal protection of winter rape. Usage in autumn in the phase of four to eight leaves (BBCH 14-18) will protect the plantations from blight of crucifer plants. Exhibits also growth control properties, used in autumn it will prepare the rape plants to winter well. Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW will protect rape against fungal diseases, and will influence the plants – „shorten rape” and thicken the root neck. The top bud placed lower will be less susceptible to freezing over.

Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW contains tebuconazole from the group of triazoles. The fungicide has the form of a liquid used to make a water-based emulsion. The product may be used individually in the recommended doses or in tank mixes with other products per the guidelines of the labels and instructions for use.

Tarcza Łan Extra 250 EW is already available for sale in various package sizes: 1 l, 5 l 10 l, 20 l.