TEZOSAR® 500 SC – a new herbicide in the CIECH range for the protection of maize

CIECH Sarzyna extends its offer addressed to maize producers. TEZOSAR® 500 SC, a new selective herbicide that protects plantations against the emergence of bothersome dicotyledonous weeds.

After the conducted tests, experts at CIECH introduced onto the market a new, unique herbicide, TEZOSAR® 500 SC, which makes the protection of maize even more effective. The product is intended for foliar application and perfectly complements the offer addressed to maize producers. What is the innovative effect of TEZOSAR® 500 SC?

TEZOSAR® 500 SC – effective protection of maize

One of the biggest advantages of the new herbicide is the long protection period of the plantation – spraying of maize with TEZOSAR® 500 SC means up to 8 weeks without dicotyledonous weeds. It is also the only herbicide on the market containing the active substance, which is terbuthylazine alone – its content in the product is 44.88%. According to the HRAC classification, terbuthylazine as an active ingredient is included in the C1 group.

How does the new weed control product TEZOSAR® 500 SC work?

TEZOSAR® 500 SC is a selective herbicide characterized by systemic action that can be purchased in the form of a concentrate (concentrated suspension) for dilution with water. The product affects weeds through their roots, and to a small extent also through their leaves. Initially, it causes chlorosis of leaves, which disturbs the process of photosynthesis. It is active from the germination stage of weeds to the 4-leaf stage.

TEZOSAR® 500 SC is an effective product against weeds that controls a broad spectrum of dicotyledonous plants. The plants which are sensitive to its action include:

  • lamb’s quarters,
  • field pansy,
  • wall speedwell,
  • European black nightshade,
  • false mayweed,
  • cleavers,
  • black-bindweed (wild buckwheat),
  • shepherd’s purse,
  • red-root amaranth. 

How to use TEZOSAR® 500 SC herbicide

A foliar application of TEZOSAR® 500 SC with the use of field sprayers (self-propelled or tractor-towed) is recommended. The product is intended for use in the period from the 2 to 6- leaf stage of maize. However, the developmental phase of weeds should also be considered. It is recommended to use the herbicide in an amount of 1.0 l/ha in a water dose of 150–300 l/ha. During the growing season one treatment using the new herbicide is recommended.

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