The GRAND LOTTERY of Ciech Sarzyna is under way

As the spring season starts, CIECH Sarzyna is preparing for all farmers the CHWASTOX GRAND LOTTERY.

Over 10,000 prizes to be won immediately, as well as professional farming equipment – a high qualify field sprayer unit.

To participate in the lottery, just purchase a product from the CHWASTOX series

Chwastox Turbo 340 SL in a package of five or 10 litres,
Chwastox Trio 540 SL in a package of five or 10 litres,
Chwastox Extra 300 SL in a package of five or 10 litres.
or the monthly Top Agrar Polska with a publication date in March 2017 with the lottery coupon.

Then, register Your hologram code at and check the prize with the electronic scratch card.

The lottery has a pool of over 10,000 prizes, including crop protection products by CIECH Sarzyna, GoPro cameras and TV sets.
The grand prize in the lottery is a high-quality field sprayer unit.

The special offer lasts between 01.03.2017. and 31.05.2017. Details and terms and conditions of the lottery are available at

Join in!