The great CHWASTOX COMPLEX lottery is on

On March first, the grand lottery for farmers is beginning, organised by Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products – CIECH Sarzyna. To participate in the special offer, buy a package of CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW of any size and register its code on the website or via a short text message. Over a thousand attractive prizes can be won, including the grand prize - a voucher for a field sprayer. The lottery will last until May 31st of this year.

CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW, a new entry in the line-up of CIECH Sarzyna, is a unique herbicide to control the most important weed types of winter wheat and of lawns, sports fields and golf courses. The fusion of three active ingredients - MCPA, clopyralid and fluroxypyr – guarantees quick and efficient elimination of a broad range of dicots such as cleavers, the cornflower or the common poppy. The product acts systemically, destroying both the overground part as well as the root structure of the weeds.

CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW is a selective, systemically-acting product. It is taken up through leaves and transported to roots of weeds, causing their deformation and then interrupting their growth and killing them. The first signs on susceptible weed types show up 1-2 days following spraying. The growth of weed is halted, and they die out after ca. 3-4 weeks.

The high effectiveness of CHWASTOX COMPLEX 260 EW is the result of hard work of scientists from the CIECH R&D Centre. This is a product perfectly suited for the needs of Polish farmers, who we want to encourage to try it out – hence our intense promotional activity. We cannot hide the fact that as Poland's largest manufacturer of plant protection products, we want to set the best standards in terms of product promotion and customer relations. Considering the very positive opinions about last year's lotter, I am happy that our activities are very well received by our Customers – says Jacek Skwira, CMO at CIECH Sarzyna.

CHWASTOX is the most popular cereal herbicide in Poland, enjoying trust of the third generation of farmers already. The CHWASTOX product series is characterised by innovative production technologies of the active agents MCPA and MCPP-P, thanks to which the agents act quickly and their effects are immediately visible. The broad range of CHWASTOX products permits the selection of the relevant solution depending on the level of weed infestation in a field.

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