WINDSAR 250 EC - high quality and sure yield thanks to the new growth regulators in the product portfolio of CIECH Sarzyna

The WINDSAR 250 EC growth regulator is a new product in the portfolio of CIECH Sarzyna, the largest Polish producer of plant protection products. This versatile product, which is registered for the basic cereal species, is flexible in use thanks to the long application period and is very economic - it facilitates harvesting and reduces lost yield, thus preventing lodging!

WINDSAR 250 EC is regulator of plant growth and development in the form of a liquid concentrate for preparation of a water emulsion, which contains the active substance - ethyl trinexapac (250 g/l). The product works systemically and is absorbed mostly by leaves and straws of cereals and then is transported to the meristematic tissues where it prevents excessive elongation of the internodes. It does not cause a reduction of the length of the roots and the weight of a plant and the shorter and more rigid straws prevent lodging of the field.

The new growth regulator in the portfolio of CIECH Sarzyna is characterized by a broad range of application, thus supporting the development of winter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, winter triticale, spring barley, and oat. Thanks to the long period of application, it enables flexible use. WINDSAR 250 EC is a cost-efficient product that facilitates harvest and reduces yield losses by preventing lodging. WINDSAR 250 EC can be used in spring cereals in the quantity of 0.4 l/ha and in winter cereals in the quantity of 0.3 to 0.6 l/ha; one must keep in mind that the specific dose of the product for individual cereal species is specified on the product label.

The effect of the product depends on the development phase of the crop, the variety, the site, and the weather conditions. The greatest reduction is observed in internodes that become intensively elongated in the period when the product is used. It is worth knowing that genetically tall varieties respond to the product with the greatest reduction of the length of the internodes. WINDSAR 250 EC prevents lodging of plants grown in intensive technologies, with high level of nitrogen fertilization - said Jacek Skwira, Dyrektor Marketingu Strategicznego i Zarządzania Portfelem Produktów w biznesie agro Grupy CIECH.

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