Privacy policy


1. The present privacy policy is aimed at the assurance of security to every user of the website

2. We respect the privacy of the users of our website. The security of the users of our website is very important to us.

3. The operation of our website occurs in line with the requirements of commonly and unconditionally valid provisions of the law as well as the application of the commonly accepted rules of operation of websites, including, in particular, in terms of the security of users of websites and the technical and organisational resources utilised for this purpose.

4. The utilisation of our website equals the acceptance of the present privacy policy.

5. The present privacy policy applies exclusively to our website. Our website may include links to other websites and pages. We indicate that upon transfer to other websites or pages, the user should acquaint themselves with the privacy policy set out there.

6. We reserve the right to modify the present privacy policy as needed. Non changes will infringe, however, on the basic rules of security and privacy of the users of our website.

7. The administrator of the website is GoldenSubmarine Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. Any queries, remarks or comments related to the operation of our website should be sent to the e-mail address


1. In relation to the operation of our website, the following types of personal data of website users are collected and processed:
a) First, last name, e-mail address, when using the functionality of the contact form found on the website.

2. Personal data collected from the website users is used by us for customer contact, to present offers, and for marketing purposes.

3. During the collection of personal data, we inform You in detail about all the key questions related to the collection and further processing of this personal data. In particular, if this is required by law, we acquire the consent of the user of our website for the processing of their personal data.

4. We aim to maintain the highest diligence when collecting and processing the personal data of the users of our website, in particular, we try to make sure that the data is:
a) processed according to requirements of the law, in a precise manner and one that is transparent to the person to whom it applies,
b) collected for the specific, clear, legally substantiated and lawful purposes indicated in the present privacy policy,
c) not subjected to any further processing that would be against the above purposes,
d) materially correct, applicable, limited in scope to that which is necessary and appropriate with respect to the purposes, for which it is processed,
e) correct and updated if needed
f) protected suitably,
g) stored in a form permitting the identification of persons to which they apply no longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing.

5. The administrator of the personal data collected through our website is CIECH Sarzyna S. A., contact details:
6. The personal data collected by us is processed:
a) based on the consent issued by the person, to which it applies, or
based on the rule stating that the processing of personal data is permitted if it is necessary for the execution of the contract, to which the person, to which the data applies, e. g. the user, is party. In cases as mentioned under p. 6, item a above, the consent to the processing of the collected personal data is provided voluntarily, with the person issuing the consent permitted to withdraw it an any time. We indicate to you that the withdrawal of the consent does not influence the legality of processing taking place from the day of expression of the consent to the day of its withdrawal.

7. The withdrawal of the consent may take place through an e-mail message sent with the relevant information to the address:

8. Personal data is not made available to other entities, save for those that are permitted to file motions for their disclosure under the provisions of the law. The data is not transferred outside of the European Economic Area or to international organisations. In course of processing of the personal data, the administrator makes use of subcontractors providing services entailing data hosting (storage) and mass e-mailing (newsletter).

9. The collected personal data is processed until consent is withdrawn.

10. The person, to whom the data applies, is entitled to access their personal data, correct them, remove them or limit their processing, a right to object against their processing and a right to transfer it.

11. The person, to whom the data applies, also has the right to file a complaint with any supervisory body.

12. Decisions concerning our users made on the basis of the collected personal data are never made by us in an automated manner. These persons are not profiled.