Foliar fertilizers

Sarplon® Kukurydza

Multi-ingredient fertiliser dedicated for the use in the production of maize. Application from the earliest stages of development provides nitrogen, potassium as well as boron and zinc to the plant, in a time of intense growth, irrespective of the possibility of uptake of these nutrients from the soil. The perfectly balanced fertiliser composition responds to the needs of plants and improves their tolerance against stress conditions.


Improves plant tolerance against biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Improves water management effectiveness.

Silicon and potassium are fully water-soluble – good bioavailability for plants.

Sarplon® Rzepak

Fertiliser containing macro- and micronutrients necessary for the correct fertilisation of rape. The high content of highly bioavailable nitrogen positively influences its intense growth and development. The appropriate content of micronutrients and of potassium improves the consumption of nitrogen.

Sarplon® Uniwersalny

Liquid fertiliser containing macro- and micronutrients necessary for the correct growth and development of plants. The ingredients contained in the fertiliser facilitate the growth and development of many plant types. The perfectly balanced contents and chelated micronutrients permit their effective and quick uptake by the plants, and better use of nitrogen.

Sarplon® Zboża

Multi-ingredient, balanced fertiliser foreseen for the leaf fertilisation of winter and summer cereals. It provides macro- and micronutrients directly to the overground part, where they are most needed during intense growth and development of cereals. The appropriate ratio of nitrogen to potassium enables its very efficient use, and the addition of further microelements such as manganese, copper, zinc, facilitates the correct course of many physiological processes in the plant.