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Many years of tradition in the production of plant protection products, innovative technologies and the best experts. All of this is a guarantee that farmers from Poland and abroad receive from Ciech Sarzyna top quality products permitting effective and comprehensive application in farming.


Grevitax is foreseen for application in the growing of vegetables in the field and under covers, in conventional, integrated and ecological production and in recreational gardens.

Applied to the soil and to leaves, it stimulates the growth of plants, influencing the volume and the quality of the yield and an increase of plant mass. It improves the vitality and root systems of the plants already from the first phases of growth.

Improves the nutrition of the plants in terms of micro- and microelements.

Spray every seven days 2-3 times in the growing season. Add to the product a compound improving the evenness of plant coverage.

Windsar 250 EC

Versatility - registered for basic cereal species

Flexible use - a long period of application

Cost-effective - facilitates harvest and reduces yield losses by preventing lodging

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