Akapit® 125 EC

Product advantages

Flexible solution – many crops and broad spectrum of eliminated monocotyledonous weeds

Cost-effective use – possibility to select a dose matching specific weeds

Proven high effectiveness for diverse water doses ranging from 150 to 300 l/ha

Basic information


EC – concentrate used to make water emulsion

Content of active substances

p-butyl-fluazifop 125 g/l

Mechanism of action according to HRAC

A – ACCazy enzyme inhibitor


through leaves

Mode of action


Application range

Crop Maximum dose [l/ha] Application phase [BBCH] Description
Winter rape 3,0 12 – 18 In autumn from 2 to 8 leaves
up to 35 In spring from vegetation start to the phase of 5th internode
Potato 2,0 12 - 40 From the phase of 2nd leave until the beginning of tuber setting phase and after completion of inter-row cultivation, before inter-row covering 
Green beans 3,0 11 - 51 After a plant has developed the first pair of trifoliate leaves until the phase of the first flower buds
Strawberry 3,0 >90 After strawberry harvest

Herbicidal effectiveness

Weed sensitivity: SENSITIVE
Self-sown cereals
Cockspur grass
Hairy finger-grass
Common windgrass
Common wild oat
Rough bluegrass
Yellow bristle-grass
Green bristle-grass
Weed sensitivity: SENSITIVE
Couch grass
Perennial ryegrass