Weed atlas

Effective crop protection begins with the proper recognition of agriphages. Read the descriptions and study the photo gallery of weed most common in farm plantations, and plan the best protection for Your crop!

Canada goldenrod (SOLIDAGO CANADENSIS)

A perennial plant with underground shoots. The Canada goldenrod is a weed that is seldom seen in plants. However, it resides in fruit orchards, around fields, in gardens and along roads. It feels best in soils with a high nutrient and water content. Planting of the Canada goldenrod was once common as a honey plant for beekeepers, as well as for decorative purposes. There are many indications that this is the cause why it is so common in Europe – it is now considered an invasive species.

The Canada goldenrod is expansive and able to drive out indigenous species. It forms densely structured bushes. Can use one of two ways of reproduction – through spreading of its seeds or though the formation of shoots able to root. Spraying with herbicides is an effective control method. Deep ploughing is effective as a mechanical method.