Weed atlas

Effective crop protection begins with the proper recognition of agriphages. Read the descriptions and study the photo gallery of weed most common in farm plantations, and plan the best protection for Your crop!


Quite common in Poland, the cockspur is an annual, summer plant that does not winter. Its leaves are dark-green and have approx. 2 cm in width. Depending on the individual plant, it may trail along the ground or be erected. The ears of the cockspur are visually similar to those of millet. Can grow significantly – reaching even up to a metre. It is considered a tough enemy of the crop, as it is characterised by high competitiveness. It is particularly dangerous for crops planted in broad rows – such as root vegetables, vegetables or maize.

The cockspur significantly decreases crop quality. Even a few plants per square metre in maize or beet are enough to reduce the crop by 5%. It can also be seen in orchards, gardens and ruderal areas. It prefer humid soils that are rich in nitrogen and calcium. Spraying with herbicides eliminates it effectively.