Weed atlas

Effective crop protection begins with the proper recognition of agriphages. Read the descriptions and study the photo gallery of weed most common in farm plantations, and plan the best protection for Your crop!

Common sorrel (RUMEX ACETOSELLA)

It is a weed that feels at home best on permanently cultivated green areas. The common sorrel can be seen in fields set aside and resting, in ruderal areas and by roads. It is a perennial plant – the underground part winters successfully. Despite the status of a weed, the plant is a valued culinary ingredient. Leaves of the sorrel are edible, and have a characteristic oval-elongated shape and strongly green colour. Mashed leaves can be used to prepare one of the soups that are so popular in Poland.

The common sorrel develops well on acidic soils that are poor in nutrients. It can reach up to 100 cm in height. In case of intense development, it can hinder the development of plants in meadows, and reduce the quality of animal feed. Found in all of Poland. Spraying with herbicides proves effective and can be performed in case the weed would infest the crop heavily.