Weed atlas

Effective crop protection begins with the proper recognition of agriphages. Read the descriptions and study the photo gallery of weed most common in farm plantations, and plan the best protection for Your crop!


Included among annual plants, the corn spurry is best at home on soils with a low calcium content. It prefers sandy soils and areas where there is no competition fro other plants. It is frequently seen in fallow areas being leftovers of cereal or legume plantations. It is not a weed that would influence crop yield significantly, being a weed of moderate harm levels. It has a stem that branches out and can reach up to a metre in height. The flowers are white.

The corn spurry can significantly hamper rye growth, hence planters of this cereal should take note of its presence in the field. If the weed becomes expansive and grows significantly on the field, then chemicals will have to be used. Spraying with herbicides exhibits high effectiveness in controlling this infestation.

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