Weed atlas

Effective crop protection begins with the proper recognition of agriphages. Read the descriptions and study the photo gallery of weed most common in farm plantations, and plan the best protection for Your crop!


Also known as the heartsease, the wild pansy is a weed growing mostly on dry soils. It blossoms between June and September. It is common if rape, maize or potatoes are grown. Its stalk can grow to 10-30 cm, and has flowers. The flower petals are violet-yellow in colour, and the plant itself is valued due to its decorative character and often bought as a potted plant – it is also frequently planted as decoration in cemeteries. As a weed, it is difficult to control, especially in case of high pressure and large populations in the crop.

To achieve best results, the wild pansy should be eliminated at an early stage of development. In such a case, one stumbles upon difficulties, because there are few products on the market that have proven effectiveness. This means that spraying of some types of crop can be ineffective.

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